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Bissett and Estes met during a 1991 casting call for a TV movie and wed in May 1992.Rick Hunter is a renegade cop who breaks the rules and takes justice into his own hands.See full summary » The series has been revamped with an all new cast: St. It is now their job to catch the killers of Palm Beach.

And with equal pleasure and staged chase scenes, and love an explanation. Still, she sighed with relief when the series ' Silk' is over and her husband returned to the set "Melrose Place".

Before I offer any description of this TV show, I want to point out that the 'opening sequence' rates in my top 10. They are undoubtedly solving a murder that takes place before they even run the credits. Chris and Rita, the two main cop partner characters continue to have a professional but close relationship which adds some spark to the show.

It is a sexy and overt grabber sequence that rivals that of "Hawaii Five-O", "Miami Vice", and even "Mission Impossible". Others will acknowledge a real chemistry there, though perhaps awkward. Silk Stalkings presented a very new and different scene for a police detective environment which borrows from "Miami Vice" and then takes it over the top.

Then he began to act in films and on TV, play in the theater.

But, even becoming a star, tricks in all his films and television series played himself.

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