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I liked that the movie presents these characters' fondness for partying not as wild debauchery but as matter-of-fact part of a certain young-adult lifestyle.Garrett and Erin aren't pie-eyed kids; they're in their early 30s, old enough to have lived through painful past relationships and to chafe at the limitations of their less-than-fulfilling jobs.She is still in grad school and she recently got a job as a summer intern at a newspaper in New York.While out with a friend at a bar, she meets Garrett (Justin Long), who interrupts her game of Centipede.

will no doubt get razzed for having such low-stakes conflict.The next day, Erin and Garrett are out to see The Boxer Rebellion, and they agree that the band is good.Garrett gets jealous when he sees that Erin is friends with Damon, a handsome bartender who works with her.A month later as Erin is packing to go to New York she gets a call from the Chronicle letting her know that she is hired.She goes to New York and tells Garrett, and the two have a fight.

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