Was meredith kercher dating rudy guede

But in 2011, the initial judgment against Knox and Sollecito was overturned on appeal, and Knox took the first plane out of the country and soon landed in her hometown, Seattle. On March 27, 2015, Knox’s and Sollecito’s exit from the Kercher case appeared in the form of a final judgment by Italy’s highest criminal court: They were not guilty and that was forever to be that.

Knox, of course, coldly dismisses Guede as a thug, though he didn’t have a criminal record—yes, none.

But she feels she knows why these people refuse to believe in her innocence. They want to believe that there is just good and evil in the world, and not a mixture of the two.

“If I’m guilty," she says with big and serious eyes, "it means that I’m the ultimate figure to fear because I’m not the obvious one.

Indeed, Meredith Kercher, who was not white, but Indian and white European, is basically reduced to a dead foot sticking out of a duvet.

There is not a single word on the fate of Lumumba, whose life was financially and emotionally turned upside down by Knox’s fingering.

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