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So if you are dating a Welsh person, be sure to take it slowly and respect their wish to keep it low key until you are both sure on one another.You never know, if it doesn’t work out you could end up dating their best friend next! But for some strange reason, people from different Welsh cities are fiercely competitive, even people from neighbouring villages can be arch enemies.You see, part of being Welsh is being a cheeky, happy-go-lucky chappy.In Wales, men are meant to be strong and tough, rugged and manly, so it’s important for them to be seen as a bit of a lad – not a soft, gentleman.

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Don’t expect to find your Mr Darcy in Wales, it’s not going to happen.

The Welsh have simple tastes and pleasures in life: a walk in a park, a quality fry up on a Sunday morning, a good pub quiz with a couple of mates.

Don’t expect your Welsh date to plan extravagant dates at ritzy hotels or flamboyant meals at continental restaurants. You see, the Welsh will let things slide for years without actually sitting down and talking about it.

With rugged mountains and golden coastlines to play with, dating in Wales is best done outdoors.

Whether it’s taking a dog for a walk at the beach or hiking through waterfalls and rivers, Welsh men and women are equally as passionate about living the outdoor lifestyle.

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