Validating the value

You can follow along, or create your own data validation scenarios.

Download Excel data validation examples Now, instead of typing your list values in the data validation Source box, you add the name that you just defined, preceded by an Equal (=) sign.

(Note this was written in Note Pad so it probably is not perfect, but should give you a good idea).

public interface IValidate Min Max public static class Validator public class Validate Min Max SByte : IValidate Min Max public class Validate Min Max Byte : IValidate Min Max public class Validate Min Max Date Time : IValidate Min Max etc...

In terms of customer relationships, your focus needs to be on solving how you will acquire, retain and upsell to your customers.

Many businesses make the mistake of focusing just on acquiring new customers and forget about the importance of maintaining customer loyalty after the first purchase.

validating the value-35

Now, the below steps follow closely the famous Business Canvas Model by Alexander Osterwalder.

You essentially need to validate three core ideas: Your value proposition shouldn’t be a singular benefit to the customer but a core value you are looking to offer.

Good value propositions are about performance, customisation, design, price, cost-reductions, risk-reduction and accessibility.

The third core assumption to validate deals with the customer channels. You’ve made assumptions of their pain points but the real question is whether these pain points are real.

The channels determine how the customer will access your solution and there are typically two options for businesses to choose. It can be tempting as a startup owner to think customers want the solution you are offering.

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