Updating active sync

The user has to manually re-configure the device with the new URL, or delete and recreate the email account on the device.

The reason for this behavior is that when a mailbox is moved from on-premises to Office 365, the device tries to connect to the user’s mailbox’s last location before the migration, which is the on-premises server.

Membership Group Id=0 Having done this re-add the users to the groups it belonged to and give it the permission it had.Here’s an example of Organization Relationship and Target OWAURL: You can re-run the Hybrid Configuration Wizard (HCW), if the Organization Relationship or Target OWAURL are missing. However, if you are experiencing problems, here are some troubleshooting tips: Examples: IIS Log entries Here’s an example of an error entry from the IIS logs of an Exchange Server 2010 SP3 RU8 CAS showing the error returned to the device: 1/26/2015 POST /Microsoft-Server-Active Sync/Proxy/Cmd=Sync&Device Id=AC94832BCFD9DCD19D299AD36D2CA8C5&Device Type=WP8&Log=Prx From: Stk: H4s IAAAAAAAEAL2Rz Wr DQAy E74G8wx5d CH4Hpz/YBLcmpeci76q22s2uo5XB7t N3Q1i SU1sf2t NIMJpv QDVp9s G/SX4/6R5ch3l B/Dw7nb RBPo BDJ9GAg5B365VSCk TVP96+BOS8ci QElj4x2Romp2k Am90sz Pr GVl37Op TX/6Vt Rx Nlh/Of UQp9HInx DFp Mu Xzhgf1hj/1s GARNZe Jr SZb Xzr V4zl LDW+8EJ1H6r L8IK8EZG3OSbr Ej17DXGMIejy MGy Uq RISX3l3mjin Bigr Ut6A8F19t GPb Xvq EVFI8Md CMQy69Wpcwnh0dd Atv XTFz Y61Nj5Ag AA_S123__Dc: Bon DC1.contoso.com_SBk Off D: L/-480_Tm Rcv.2281657_Tm Cmpl.2625704_Activity Context Data: Activity ID=14988279-6caf-4565-8363-4ed43211bc35; I32: ATE. On-premises Client Access servers try to find the Organization Relationship where the Domain Name matches the SMTP domain of Remote Routing Address. Which is matching the following Organization Relationship: In this case, the on-premises Client Access server will return Target OWAURL from this Organization Relationship.The EAS on-boarding solution will make it much easier for EAS users whose mailboxes are moved from Exchange on-premises to Office 365, because it provides a mechanism for the mobile device to be redirected to the Office 365 mailbox without user intervention.Today, when a user's mailbox moved from Exchange on-premises to Exchange Online (Office 365), Outlook and Outlook Web App (OWA) have a seamless method to redirect the user to the new mailbox location.Outlook uses Autodiscover to redirect the user, and OWA provides a link to Office 365 login. Before the above updates are installed, after the mailbox is moved, the user’s mail stops syncing on their EAS device because the device can no longer find the current location of the mailbox.

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