Updating a blu ray player Freewebsexcam

Thankfully, your LG Smart Blu-ray player is made to be worry-free.That said, the firmware that powers your Smart Blu-ray player should be updated from time to time to enhance your experience.Select "Software Upgrade" and then choose "By USB." Choose "Yes" when prompted to search for a connected USB device.Choose "Yes" when a message appears telling you that a new software update is detected to begin the process of installing the update.Follow Steps 1 through 8 in the BD-F5700 USB section, searching for BD-F7500 on the Samsung Support site.Connect the thumb drive to your Samsung Blu-ray player.If there is new software available and the unit is connected to a broadband home network, the player will inform you about the update as follows. The update menu will appear on the screen when you turn off the player. Use the RIGHT/LEFT buttons to select a desired option and then press WHEEL or ENTER.

During the software update procedure, do not turn off the player, disconnect AC power, or press any button. You're all set — the player will check for the newest update.Software updates can be installed through a wireless connection or using a thumb drive with the update files on it.Turn on the Blu-ray player, remove any discs from the device and then select "Settings" on the home screen.Click "Send" in the message that appears from the Samsung Global Download Center to accept the terms and conditions associated with downloading the firmware file.Navigate to the location on your computer where you want to save the firmware update when the Save As dialog box appears and then click "Save" to download the firmware file.

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