Tusshar kapoor dating manish malhotra

Initially, of course beauty, but once I start talking to her and I realise that she is smart, warm and intelligent, then beauty would take a back seat.What’s a point in getting attracted to or being with a beautiful dumb lady?If a husband and a wife meet after six months, then it is bound to happen. I think it is important to break certain norms; only then people will appreciate decency.Critics are never happy and whatever people like and appreciate is within limits.” However, Ekta has broken the tattoo of the TV which has received mixed reviews.Is it because she wants people to look at her and talk to her and get attracted to her?Or is it because she wants to have some fun, which could be a misunderstanding also. I used to do that when I was in eighth and ninth standard.I don’t think people have stopped investing in relationships.It’s just that they find the concept of live-in relationship more comfortable to be in because that insecurity about losing your partner is always there.

But I would want to be locked in with the actresses who don’t really get along too well because it would be absolute fun to watch them bitch about each other and fight with each other.

Defending his daughter, Jeetendra said, “Actually, I really liked that romance.

People might have considered it too much but I found it subtle. I found it alright.” Ekta Kapoor’s brother Tusshar Kapoor defended his sister saying, “I don’t think people really like decent serials because people point fingers at decent serials as well.

Each one should have at least one enemy and that would be great fun.

Yeah probably, but for that I would have to work with Katrina and Priyanka.

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