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I tease you by rubbing my pussy right through my pantyhose. Watching your reaction, with a wicked smile on my face, I know it is time to begin your sissification. The sales associate, says there is a limit of only four items.Casually, I stroll through Victoria Secrets picking up various bra and panty sets to try on in the dressing room. I grab your arm and say that there four for each of us and she rolls her eyes but lets us enter. Unzip my floral spring dress, and watch as I slip out of it.I hand several lingerie sets for you to hold for me. You twitch as you see my sexy lacy blue and white bra appear across my back contrasting against my creamy white skin.I turn around, and I take off my bra in front of your little face. You are staring at the bra and very nervous about what is going to happen next.As we approached the sexual experience sex bar I had so many things playing in my head. She slowly pulled into a parking space on the street.We grabbed each other’s arms and started walking up to the bar. The white cotton so skin tight and fit my curves so nicely.

They both smiled at me and waved for me to come over. No, you’d take in some washing or mending for businesswomen who are too busy breaking those glass ceilings in today’s world. Slip your tongue inside that ass, and watch her play with her pussy while you tease her ass with your tongue. I pressed my lips so gently onto his soft little cock. I am having fun making you guess what is about to come.Happily, you cook my breakfast and have my coffee ready at the table when I rise. Make sure everything is nice and clean, fresh flowers are on the tables, candles on the nightstand in the bedroom, all of the clothing freshly laundered, ironed, and all in all the home looks as perfect as can be. Give her pleasure, and demonstrate your oral skills and your ability to follow orders. Whisper in her ear and tell her how beautiful her ass is. There my love, I whisper, you can taste the essence of your Mistress and absorb her warmth. I laugh a little and playfully swat your twitching penis – once – twice – thrice, to remind you who you belong to.You’d have already fixed my lunch to take to work with me. You know you have about 3 hours before I come home, so you do your paid work in a timely fashion. You moan behind your new panty gag in submissive bliss and wonder to yourself why you had ever been so nervous about being tied up by me for the very first time.I could inflict pain on you and you’d never see it coming, wouldn’t be able to shield your sensitive parts from the impact to come.You need not worry my pet, I have no plans to bring you pain today, only Sensations.

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