The dating parlor

[Read: 30 super sexy traits of a girl that attract all guys] The haunting of my first kiss It was pretty certain that she had no idea I wanted to kiss her. Thursday arrived, after a freakishly scary dream of me being chased by pepper sprays.

In two days I would be kissing my girlfriend for the first time!

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] I never did get an opportunity to get my first kiss because all we did was sit in ice cream parlors or in coffee shops and part ways with a pat on the shoulder. I asked my dad to allow me to take the car out the next Saturday and told him that I wanted to take my friends out, and surprisingly, he agreed.

[Read: Perfect things to talk about with your date] I felt hot and I couldn’t help but start the ignition and move ahead. I generally say goodbye to her a couple of houses before her own, because her parents weren’t too cool with her going out alone with a guy. She smiled at me and told me that she had a nice time. She lifted her huge bunch of shopping bags and placed it on her lap. I’ve never been able to get it, but I’d still kind of like to get that back someday.Many people have different memories about their first kiss.First kiss stories are almost always affectionate and my first kiss was no different… Some remember it fondly, while some try their best to forget all about it. ] My first kiss story I had my first kiss years ago, when I was still in high school and got the permission to take out my dad’s classy sedan for the first time.It was painfully exciting and nervous at the same time.But something told me that I had to tell her I wanted to kiss her.

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