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Swinyar is appealing the outcome of the investigation, according to a Duval County schools spokeswoman.

Several students also alleged during their interviews that Swinyar watched pornography in the classroom on his laptop and cellphone.

Several students testified that the classroom grew quiet after that, seemingly in shock over Swinyar’s use of the slur.

When some questioned him about it, Swinyar denied using the word, saying he would “never” do so, according to the report.

“The type of behavior demonstrated by the teacher is unacceptable and will not be tolerated because it does not reflect the positive learning environment we are committed to building at Kernan Middle School,” Hemphill wrote.

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That complaint led to interviews with more than two dozen students and staff members, who alleged, among other things, that Swinyar yelled at and confronted students in a “physically aggressive manner,” according to a copy of the district’s investigation report obtained by The Washington Post.

We have many of the same priorities, though, which is something that I'd also enjoy were I dating a fellow educator. I would like to go back to teaching, and grad school in the future, but it's not important right now for a few reasons; being with my kids is my main priority right now and for the foreseeable future as we plan on expanding our family, and because we live in suburban NJ (right outside of NYC) it wouldn't make financial sense for me to work because my salary would essentially pay for a nanny/childcare.

I can't say that our being in different fields has impacted our relationship; we've lived together for the past three years and keep generally the same hours. I was already in a relationship before I became a teacher. I'm gay, but for all intents and purposes, my partner and I are as married as any other couple, we have a house and two kids, but to answer the question, he's a physician. Plus, being gay in a civil union doesn't grant us the privileges of a married couple when it comes to taxes and all, we would end up paying more taxes than we currently pay.

I know this might sound like a dumb question but I've asked myself. At age 70 the one on spousal benefits can begin to draw their own SS at a really great amount and at 71 1/2 you begin to draw down the 403B.

I know that teaching doesn't end when the bells ring for school to be over (anyone who believes this was not paying attention in class ). Have your house paid for and in today you are looking at a comfortable 6 figure retirement with little or no debt in your early 60's.

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