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The only rules are as follows: No kiddie corpses No animal corpses No "staged" death - real deal only. I was by no means a slut when I was younger but I did have my share of sex, then I met Andrew. He was athletic, extremely handsome, and had some money.

He asked me to marry him I would have been insane to say no. I asked him to give me away at the wedding because my father had left us many years before. Mom thought my Uncle should give me away but I had lived with Andrew and his dad for over a year and i wanted the family to get along.

Rules: - Please keep forum posts in the hypothetical tense, everyone.- Keep exchanges respectful and neighborly. Hands, the Boeing contractor from Seattle Washington who died while taking a horse dick up his ass, he starred in an infamous video we know of as "2 guys 1 horse". Following the link, you can only watch the video once every 60 minutes. I'm mid 20's Denmark looking for pretty much super raunchy sex with a girl; i'm moderately tall not fantastic looking but not awful looking either - i'll totally trade pics but i'd prefer to keep my "public" post anon as fuck I have mostly no standards appearance wise, as i'm looking for something rather long as we get along fine, you're between 18 and 30~ and we have some stupid kinky sex I like to experiment with drugs but i try to keep things smart I'm easy to deal with, not retarded, good hygiene, a little messy but nothing too extremekinda weird but not intolerable and i'm into pretty much anything as long as it's legalmost i did was a little pee play with an ex, but i'm interested in play, haven't explored much puke play but if you want to try it i'm totally swap, my own and others, sloppy seconds, i think i'm down for some things too.cheat on me all you want, let me watch, or just tell me about it, mix it up.semi-public cool with me, what i don't like is over the top one sided dominatrixnot really sure what else to put, i guess ask if need be tl;dr - LF girl Scandinavia into heavy end fetish Picked up a set like this for my sister in law for Christmas the present the wife does not know about hopefully give her ideas.

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I dragged him to the ground as we wrestled and we rolled across the floor tickling and laughing.

This group is dedicated to b&w pictures and animated gifs only.

It can be artistic, erotic or pornographic as long as it's in b&w.

We're very open, and are planning on swinging/group sex in the future. Creativity is very things off-limits-incest-animals-underage HELP!!

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