Simon amstell dating

He always reminds of Ardal O'Hanlon when he was Father Dougal in Father Ted ...

Almost as life is far too complicated for him to comprehend but he is so clever and is rarely left without a scathing response to anything thrown at him..

So funny watching 99% of the humour going over their heads, especially when most of it is aimed at their career's or lack thereof..enjoy the preston scene esp when he read from her book! Amstell is much funnier, looks permanently bewildered, and is sharp as a tack - much better !

When simon first took over i thought "oh blood.y hell" as he was a huge annoying prick on channel 4s pop thing, and im a big Mark Lamarr fan, but he gradually won me over and now i prefer it with him. simon and the rest of the panel knew she was high as a kite..

I'm waiting for him to get a glass of water thrown over him or even get punched in the nose by one of his sacrificial lamb guests..

Simon Amstell is quicker witted but i liked Mark Lamarr i love the show and couldnt pick my fav moment.

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loved bonnie tyler peed up Funniest Buzzcocks moment for me is this

Fielding told the paper: "She was terrified, like we were going to really rib her.

The problem is, I think Amstell ruined it for everyone.

v=e BUa Uy8XDGQ&feature=related, Bob Mortimer genius, loved Lamars brutal wit, but have enjoyed Amstells so much didnt miss him to excellent hosts. Mark Lamarr has a very acerbic, almost brutal wit, & is also a very polished performer.

Love the show ............................................................................. Simon Amstell is more "schoolboy humour", but still very funny.

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