Simon amstell dating

Its a shame we dont get programmes like buzzcocks, mock the week, 8 out of 10cats etc on prime time on prime channels instead we have to go hunting for them at 11'oclock on bbcthree or something and they dont get the respect they deserve. No one in the general public knew she was on drugs at the time it was before it all hit the papers and she was still seen as someone to emulate. and the most telling part was him saying "this isnt a quiz show anymore its an intervention!

One reviewer commented: "Mark Ronson has an incredibly dull voice and when doing the interlinking piece-to-camera sections he couldn't hide the fact that he was clearly reading off a screen, so the majority of jokes fell flat." Whilst the Metro said: "Catherine Tate was on typical grating, nasal form.

Everyone thinks they'll get ripped to shreds."Amstell, who won multiple awards for hosting the show, is widely regarded as having rejuvenated the quiz when he took over in 2007.

He shocked fans when he quit in 2009 to work on developing Grandma's House, his BBC2 sitcom.

So funny watching 99% of the humour going over their heads, especially when most of it is aimed at their career's or lack thereof..enjoy the preston scene esp when he read from her book! Amstell is much funnier, looks permanently bewildered, and is sharp as a tack - much better !

When simon first took over i thought "oh blood.y hell" as he was a huge annoying prick on channel 4s pop thing, and im a big Mark Lamarr fan, but he gradually won me over and now i prefer it with him. simon and the rest of the panel knew she was high as a kite..

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