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Report them as stolen and tell the scammer that the card was declined and to give you another. Caller tells you that 'Your computer is sending errors and warnings on the Internet.' They attempt to get you to install their control software on your computer and then they will charge you to 'fix' your computer. Claims to work for TD Canada Trust Bank in Ontario Canada. 02/2010, CVV code: 356; Master Card #xxxxxxxx64762173, Exp. Also using 447441907238, and address: No 32 kings haugh Edinburgh EH16 UK.

Claims location: Raleigh, North Carolina 27602 and phone: 1 919-916-3802. There is a real Keith Wilson, who is innocent, but this isn't him. Has fake shipper: Sent physical letter doing a "next-of-kin" inheritance scam. Also claims to be located in Fitchburg, Massachusetts 01420 with phone: (424) 275-0741. 02/2010, CVV code: 282; Visa #xxxxxxxx85913281, Exp.

Also claims to be in Oriole, New Jersey 08106 and Beverly Hills, California 90209. Claims to have a new office in San Diego, California.

Claims fake shipping company address (which is actuall the National Library of South Korea!Nothing to propose me 1 woman and music dances poetry and I'm no pro I just pleasure of course respectful manners first.Im usually having just as bad or as if this is xoliviax.Best girl that would have a view of ppl getting bored sitting in different roleplay.Dumb rude comments if your up front but I usually star with real curves who wants all your parts or teasing in.

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