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We have spent countless hours together over the past seven months educating each other on our business models and have already built a strong partnership.Together we are excited to lead Curves to its full potential.Eben Sadie was voted the Winemakers’ Winemaker in this very magazine earlier this year, but by the standards of previous winners, his wines are inexpensive.For wine lovers, South Africa offers something special.Diane and I will continue to play an important leadership role in the company serving as members of the board of directors and continuing to be stewards of the brand and keeper of the original mission – strengthening women!In the next few weeks, North Castle expects to announce the hiring of a new Chief Executive Officer and we look forward to introducing that CEO to you.Ask a sommelier, journalist or independent retailer which country is producing the most exciting wines in the world right now and I suspect many of them would say South Africa.

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Sources tell TMZ, the house is community property and they will split profits.Church towers and spires dominated most towns and cities, and their bells were the background music of life.Remembrance Sunday is probably the only solemn event on the calendar that most people notice.In order to meaningfully increase franchise profits, we anticipate that the new leadership team will enact a number of changes and they will need your patience and cooperation in helping the entire system reach its potential.While we have a lot of ideas as to what will change, the turnaround and operating plan will be developed by the newly hired CEO in partnership with the existing team, other new hires and the board of directors.

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    19 that Diddy and Cassie broke up after "a heated argument" that ended with the singer's mom calling the cops. after the birthday bash that the longtime couple had reconciled.