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Sao Paulo, Brazil - Like many new megacities, the centre of Sao Paulo is ringed by an enormous, sprawling, urban mass. In Brazil, marginal also means criminal and those from the periphery are often labelled as such when, in fact, their only crime is being from poor, difficult places.

Makeshift homes of red breeze blocks, hand-poured concrete steps and thick spools of telegraph wire dripping dangerously from street corners are the work of the millions of immigrants who came to the city for work over the past few decades. There's very few green areas and no space for trees on the narrow streets. The violence is a result of all this precariousness," explains Mauricio Feijo, an urbanist who has worked extensively in Sao Paulo's periphery. But the literary movement, Literatura Marginalor Literature of the Margins, is seeking to change this perception of the periphery.

KRANJ, Slovenia - The first monument to the blockchain technology that underpins drug price crypto-currencies took center stage on Tuesday on a roundabout in Slovenia, authorities in the country's fourth largest city said.

Liberty Media, the American conglomerate which is now in its second year at the helm of buy cough syrup F1, will present its long-term vision to the teams here in Bahrain on Friday.

And two gory Brian De Palma films recently arrived on streaming services.

One of the most striking tributes was delivered on the radio on Thursday when an anonymous ex-soldier explained how Ray Wilkins' generosity helped turn around his fortunes at the time. Three traditionally big names in the world of savings that in recent years have gone a little shy.

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