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This is basically a moment-to-moment analysis of the film. I also had a blast writing it over the last 2 weeks. Bullock stares at him longingly from behind the toll booth window … — When Jack enters the family house, the party is over and everyone is asleep. A stupid gag – but whatever, I’m simple and easily pleased and it makes me laugh every time I see it. “Peter doesn’t have a cat.” The entire scene is a riot because they are both just LYING to each other and trying to COVER their asses throughout. and the moments of affection and curiosity that bloom are handled really sensitively. Insecurity dissolves, you don’t second-guess yourself, or re-think your words … And, for me, more so than any other part of falling in love – that’s the best part. when the two of you can people-watch together and giggle about the same things … This long scene of the two of them walking home through Chicago is that kind of scene. ” She says immediately, “Florence.” It’s THAT kind of conversation. She says, making a joke (and also – maybe – saying it before he has a chance to say it or even THINK IT): “He was a lot like me … flat chest …” He bursts into laughter, surprised at her – enjoying her – but there’s SO MUCH GOING ON IN THAT MOMENT. there’s a tiny detail in the first footage we see of him, running to get the train … He’s really GOOD at it, actually – and it’s a bummer he doesn’t get more parts like this. He just knows the type of women his brother goes for – and the sleeping brunette on the couch is not that type. And says, “Welcome to the family.” There’s a shyness on his face, a reticence – but beneath all of it is – warmth. He still has that same bemused little smile, and then – it’s a tiny moment – but it speaks volumes – a seriousness comes over his face. Lucy then pushes open a swinging door and smashes Bill Pullman in the face. — The two of them go to the hospital together to give blood. It’s humorous, there’s more NOT said than stuff that IS said … This scene is beautiful because it reminds me of those moments, those magical moments, BEFORE something happens with someone you are really interested in. it gives you such a confidence, it’s like you can do no wrong. There are SCENES where the two of them are just being funny FOR each other. I always fall in love with guys, first of all, who already are pro-actively funny – it’s just my preference – humor is #1 in my book – but when someone goes out of their way to make you laugh … but it’s beautiful – because you can see him getting … And of course, she goes DOWN – he grabs onto her – she struggles – they both start to laugh – things are getting out of control – Bullock is great here. Not too many actresses are good at playing women who have senses of humor. character – and I actually do like some of his scenes with Lucy – but to my mind, this is one of the few times that the film goes wrong. — Lucy’s CTA boss Jerry (played by Jason Bernard – wonderful actor – died in 1996) is a great character. It is set up that way to up the comedy and to make Cary Grant look as RIDICULOUS as possible. It is all just understood – because we all know families like that – and some of us (ahem) came from families like that. There’s too much to even list – you feel like you are looking at a slice of life. You hear them in snippets, overheard snippets – “Uncle Al … This is why I say he would make a great “hero” in a screwball comedy – like Dr. There’s a part of him that couldn’t smoulder with passion if he tried – he’s too serious, and distracted – and yet – there’s something there …

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I chose as a focus the film While You Were Sleeping. If you just watch HER in the background of the group scenes … The dichotomy: the bumbling professor with the dashing good looks … (Not in one of Allen’s serious films – but like Manhattan Murder Mystery, one of my favorite movies of all time.) He has an air of kind of cranky distraction that is very very attractive, because it shows that he is a man who has a brain. I can’t even explain how out of the ordinary this is for normal big-star Hollywood actresses. — It’s so contrived how the family ends up thinking she is Peter’s fiance – but somehow it works – and that is all I ask of a good romantic comedy. She’s wonderful – a brilliant little comedic portrait. Micole Mercurio plays the mother – and I have no idea who this actress is, or what her deal is – she has had a long career – but she is just comedic GENIUS in this role. They, in all their argumentative chaotic loudness, are the epitome of beauty to her. Then a slow pan up behind Lucy’s head to show that they have already hung a stocking on the mantel for her. This kind of thing is what made Cary Grant so popular. like they have no lives outside of the romance going on in the film. — Oh and one of my favorite moments in the movie which goes a lot to describing its charm happens next: It’s early the next morning. A paper boy on his bike pedals towards the camera, throwing newspapers at each house. Jack keeps trying to talk to his father, in between “Lord hear our prayer”s – about Lucy, and Peter Boyle answers – never ever missing an ‘Amen”. He doesn’t take a moment to say “Amen” in a prayerful way, it’s completely rote – and it seems as though he’s not even listening to the mass being said, yet he chimes in with his “Amen”s right on cue. For example – he says to her, as they give blood: “We’ll need to get a picture of you and Peter for the mantel.” She hems and haws and says, “I’m really not that photogenic.” And he says, sort of to himself, “I doubt that.” He kind of loses his cool for a second – it’s a very funny moment – he’s not in control for a minute, and he lets his attraction for her come out. It’s pretty amazing to carry your passport around with you. he’s still holding onto her, and suddenly, when they’re both on their feet, holding onto each other, there’s a moment of … It’s like the moment in Bringing Up Baby when she trips over the log and falls on her face. — Watch Peter Boyle during the next scene when the family is at mass. Pullman lets us know that there is an element of that going on. it’s the first moment you really see him want to make a move, because the rest of the movie he is running away from her at top speed, shouting, “LEAVE ME ALONE.” But something about that moment, the proximity, the fact that she has fallen, that he is now “taking care of her” – you watch him move in to kiss her. And Bullock – you can see her just double over in laughter.

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