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Under the watchful eye of mighty Konocti, the red mountain, continued to stand guard over Clear Lake. but in Lake county, the fire beneath our beds does not sleep and, some silent night, we may yet be wakened from our sleep.-- Gene Paleno has farmed in Lake County for nearly fifty years and has been writing even longer During most of the good part of a century of life Gene has had more occupations and professions than you can count on...The shorter throwing spear was accurate to a hundred feet. Made from the reeds of the Tule that grew in abundance around Clear Lake, the Lake County inhabitants became the finest basket weavers in North America. To keep warm through the wet Lake County winters, they wore animal skins and kept fires burning in their wickiups and huts of reeds. Elephant Ear Clam shells, found along the coast and used as currency, were called ‘White Money’.Valued according to size, the shells were cut into buttons or discs and strung on a string of the inner bark of one of the Milk-weed plants.Others came on Catamarans, across 3000 miles of Pacific, following the winds from Asia.They populated the islands that dot that monster ocean; one-third of the planet.The hills and woods above the lake were filled with deer, bears, and other game. Ducks were caught with slings and skipping stones thrown with such accuracy a single stone could strike several birds.

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They used native copper, animal bone, flint, obsidian, and stone. The First Americans invented a medium of exchange; bead money.The climate had cold wet winters and hot dry summers. They made stone mills to grind acorns and seeds for meal and bread.They chipped Obsidian to make their spearheads for their darts and spears.Trails to the sea let them travel far for trading, hunting, and gathering salt.After a hundred and forty million years, time had run its course.

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