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The first three octets of the client IPv4 address, or the entire IPv6 address, are used as a hashing key.The method ensures that requests from the same client will always be passed to the same server except when this server is unavailable.The directive cannot be used along with the server directive.can contain text, variables, and their combinations.The file is read when parsing the configuration and is updated each time the upstream configuration is changed.

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If the designated server cannot process a request, the new server is selected as if the client has not been bound yet.

If a successful response could not be obtained from any of the servers, the client will receive the result of the communication with the last server.

of simultaneous active connections to the proxied server (1.11.5). If the server group does not reside in the shared memory, the limitation works per each worker process. By default, the number of unsuccessful attempts is set to 1.

The first parameter sets the name of the cookie to be set or inspected.

The cookie value is a hexadecimal representation of the MD5 hash of the IP address and port, or of the UNIX-domain socket path.

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