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This man admires, respects, and likes women as people, is comfortable with women in positions of authority, and views his partner as having an equal voice in the relationship.He also appreciates her as much for the essential role she plays in the family as he does for her, individually.Whether this post is about you, a friend, or you are reading this post to better understand your partner, identifying how you or your partner is fully or partially reflected in these categories can help you adjust your behaviors and expectations within your relationship.Note that if the pronouns in your relationship don't match those used in this post (e.g.If any component of Emotional Caretaker/Controller is challenged within the family, he may feel threatened, become more rigid, or even retreat.This careful balance is essential, and anything else can feel chaotic to him and therefore make the relationship as delicate as his treatment of his partner has been.3.

She may even be kept on a pedestal and is not permitted to fall from grace.This dynamic can work well, even if it seems “old fashioned” to some.However, this role configuration can also be quite fragile.It is not the time to become reactive and irritated. There are men who are predisposed to be emotionally present in a relationship and others who are not.

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