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As an example, you may be under the effects of the Bless spell, in that case you can add "1d4" (without the quotes) to both the melee and spell attack roll fields, as well as the saving throw field.

This will automatically add the 1d4 bonus for those rolls providing you use the in built sheet macros.

The Dn D 5e character sheet was created by John Myles (Actoba on Roll20 or @jmyles85 on Twitter) and was designed to fully support the rules as written (RAW) for the recently released Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition ruleset.

The intent is that the sheet will be as feature complete and up to date as time allows and should remain freely available and usable by all roll20 users regardless of their subscription level.

Below the list of skills there are 4 slots to allow people to add in any custom skills or tools they may want to use (most commonly things like Thieves tools would be put in here). (talk) , 17 December 2015 (EST) This section is simply a lot of space to record as many or as few details about your character as you want.

Specifically it is focused on the roleplaying elements of your character like their traits, bonds, etc....

The best part, of course being that this means that I can build house ruled characters that have the right math applied to them.

I can give everyone free weapon expertise and give out magic items that have combinations of bonuses not found in cannon products, and have the character builder calculate all the math correctly.

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Each field will accept any combination of dice rolls and static numbers and will automatically add these bonuses to the appropriate dice rolls made using the built in macro buttons on the sheet.

You then can check which stats you have saving throw proficiency in as well as automatically seeing how much of a bonus each save throw gets and indeed make a save throw for a particular stat.

Know that your initiative total (the total bonus your initiative rolls will get), your overall level, your proficiency bonus, and your Armour Class (normal and unarmoured) are all auto-calculated from entries you make elsewhere in the sheet.

On the minus side, you need to hand code the xml, but there are some extensive examples and collections of mods that can be downloaded from their wiki pages.

After a little bit of experimentation, I can see how to do most things that I've thought of, and many more besides.

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