Okamoto keito dating

If she put her feelings into giving the chocolate, that will be okay.

Your character in HSJ: The scary instructor character. She paid more attention to me than I expected and I was happy~3. Because I am shy, it is impossible for me to confess (laugh)4.

is too bright, and is too good for me♡”Okamoto: Kyaa!

School Kakumei ~~~~~~~~Okamoto : Eventhough I was given the opportunity to teach an english lesson in an earlier episode, the members still come and ask me on the meaning of some english words.

Okamoto : It is just an automatic response now and sometimes I do give the wrong answer.

Yaotome : Eventhough he said that, he will still absent-mindedly answer us when we asked.

Recent craze: Drinking tea (I am addicted to comparing different types of tea, from the ones you make from a teabag, to the ones which are brewed from flowers)6. But if they can talk about me like that, my character is probably also the type to get bullied? term for describing the ideal Japanese woman from ancient days. When I was a student, I didn’t like chocolates so there was a girl who made milk pudding for me.

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Inoo: He pays attention to you and in the end becomes a DJ? Something you want to give your girlfriend on White Day? I like girls who are firm when it comes to their emotions. I walked around with a paper bag, and started to collect chocolates (laugh). Are you the type who wants to confess or wants to be confessed to? Something you want to receive from your girlfriend on Valentines5. in japanese)~~~~~~~~Question : Yamada is a ham actor, eventhough he acts in several dramas. Uchimura : Yamada, your ‘tsukkomi’ is really fast…Okamoto : The answer is 'Yamada is an unskilled actor, eventhough he acts in a several dramas’. ~~~~~~~~~*Yamada describing what in on the card for Okamoto to guess*Card : Chinen Yuri Yamada : Ah, Chibi! Everyone : *laughs*Yamada : Small, japanese idol Okamoto : Small…

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