Obstetric dating and assessment

Pregnant women should be offered an early ultrasound scan between 10 weeks 0 days and 13 weeks 6 days to determine gestational age and to detect multiple pregnancies.This will ensure consistency of gestational age assessment and reduce the incidence of induction of labour for prolonged pregnancy.This should be done before the booking appointment.[2008] Midwife‑ and GP‑led models of care should be offered to women with an uncomplicated pregnancy.These include: Few medicines have been established as safe to use in pregnancy.Prescription medicines should be used as little as possible during pregnancy and should be limited to circumstances in which the benefit outweighs the risk.Pregnant women should be informed that few over‑the‑counter medicines have been established as being safe to take in pregnancy.

Pregnant women and women planning a pregnancy should be advised to avoid drinking alcohol in the first 3 months of pregnancy if possible because it may be associated with an increased risk of miscarriage.[2008] Pregnant women should be informed about the purpose of any test before it is performed.The healthcare professional should ensure the woman has understood this information and has sufficient time to make an informed decision.Information should be given in a form that is easy to understand and accessible to pregnant women with additional needs, such as physical, sensory or learning disabilities, and to pregnant women who do not speak or read English.[2008] Pregnant women should be offered information based on the current available evidence together with support to enable them to make informed decisions about their care.

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