Muslim men dating christian women

It could also be perceived that quite possibly the Muslim community is ahead of many other cultures – on the equality spectrum.

Allah says: "The believers, men and women, are protecting friends (Awliya) of one another; they join the ma'ruf (that which Allah commands) and forbid people form munkar (that which Allah prohibits); they perform salat, and give the zakat, and obey Allah and His Messenger.

Islam permits the women, within its culture, to voyage on the Hajj pilgrimage, to exercise the right to vote, engage in politics, to have a job and even run a business as the business owner.

What is more, thanks to such free chats single men and women can communicate with people who have similar beliefs and values in life.

However, isn’t that what most cultures perpetuate women to be – domestic providers that supply a nurturing environment of unconditional love and devotion?

Therefore, it’s not out of the ordinary for a woman to be perceived as the individual responsibility for planning family events, raising children, cleaning the house, preparing meals, and representing the family within social settings.

The Khilafah State is obligated to provide women with the highest level of education and view women as valuable citizens of the state.

The role of women in Islam is viewed as vital and honorable.

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