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During the final battle, Zeus used his Master Bolt to shear off the top of Mount Othrys, and hurl Kronos from his Black Throne, defeating the Titan King.

Shortly thereafter, the gods invaded the ruins of Mount Orthys, and finally overwhelmed Atlas, Hyperion, Iapetus, Krios, and Koios.

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Hera's brother, Hades, was very skilled in navigating under the earth, was able to lead them all into Tartarus (through a network of Underworld tunnels).

There, imprisoned in the maximum-security zone, surrounded by huge bronze walls, and a lava moat, guarded fierce demons, were the Elder Cyclopes and Hekatonkheires.

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Kronos (father) Rhea (mother) Oceanus (foster father) Tethys (foster mother) Demeter and Hestia (sisters) Hades and Poseidon (brothers) Zeus (husband/brother) Hebe, Enyo, and Eileithyia (daughters) Ares and Hephaestus (sons) Argus (creation) Aphrodite (daughter-in-law) Ares' Cabin , Hephaestus' cabin, Hebe's cabin (grandchildren)Percy Jackson's Greek Gods Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes The Titan's Curse The Battle of the Labyrinth The Last Olympian The Lost Hero The Son of Neptune The Mark of Athena (mentioned) The Staff of Serapis (mentioned) The Blood of Olympus The Hidden Oracle (mentioned) Giving you answers would make those answers invalid, that is the way of the Fates. Hera is the Greek goddess of marriage, motherhood, women, and familial love.

While preparing for the final battle of the War, Hera, and her siblings ascended to Mount Olympus (the tallest mountain in Greece after Mount Orthys).

Shortly thereafter, Hera and the other gods accepted Zeus as their leader and reached a unanimous consensus on declaring war against their tyrannical father.

However, since the Titans were well-armed, and the gods still had no weapons, Hera agreed to help Zeus release their Elder Cyclopes and Hekatonkheire uncles from Tartarus first.

Zeus managed to talk to the Cyclopes Brontes and convinced him to forge powerful weapons for him and his siblings behind Kampê's back.

The three Elder Cyclopes forged three incredibly powerful weapons: the Master Bolt (for Zeus), the Trident (for Poseidon), and the Helm of Darkness (for Hades).

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