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Having worked my way through myriad different domestic solutions over the past decade — including live-in au pair girls; expensive Brazilian cleaners; gap year students; and somebody who rented our spare bedroom in exchange for running the occasional duster over the living room table — I have now settled on Sophie, our 29-year-old live-in French housekeeper.

And before you all start shouting at once, it’s not as if I’m lounging around on the sofa all day in my dressing gown, only moving to lift my feet so that Sophie can manoeuvre the vacuum cleaner under my slippers.

‘With millions working long hours, domestic help is increasingly seen as a necessity to ensure a good work-life balance.’It was after my third child, Monty, now eight, was born that it hit me like a ten-ton truck that if ‘having it all’ meant juggling a career and family life while keeping a lovely home and any semblance of sanity, then I needed to hire someone to assist me in the more mundane matters of daily life.She does laundry, ironing, food shopping and babysitting. And while it’s a constant struggle to afford to pay her, I justify it on the basis that she frees up my time to earn the money we need for all the other huge outgoings we have hanging over us.Of course, it’s not always easy having a stranger living in your home, but it’s a small price to pay for the amount of assistance she gives me.She now lives with us rent-free in the spare room, gets all her food, and costs me £180 a week for doing around 40 hours of work a week — everything from general household chores to the slightly more gruesome task of picking up dog mess off the lawn.She’ll drive the children to school if I ask her, and has even been known to come and pick us up from a party at midnight if we’ve had too much to drink.

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