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More worryingly, Japan’s national age of consent of 14 indicates that sex with minors is implicitly accepted by Japanese society.A symbolic change in the law has allowed Japanese mothers to sleep easily, but their husbands are still chasing their daughters.Apart from that, all negotiations are between the schoolgirl and the dirty old man.The internet has made telephone clubs largely redundant.With their families unable to fulfil these materialistic needs, but discouraging them from taking part-time jobs, many girls looked elsewhere.When you’re a middle-aged man, it isn’t easy to pick up schoolgirls. You’d look ridiculous if you started hanging around outside high-schools or purikura, and you’d soon get pestered by the police. These are places where men pay for a girl’s mobile phone number.Within the confines of the land of the rising son dwells a unique creature.While resembling the California style bleach blond bimbo on the surface, these imps are in reality much different. ) is a Japanese transliteration of the English word gal.

Bura-sera also drives the thriving trade in used panties.In Tokyo, more often than not, a shopping center at each main train station is dedicated to offering the newest and trendiest items from popular Gal brands.Some brands are also reaching overseas by having their items easily accessible in webshops offering world-wide shipping services.It’s easy to understand why middle-aged men want to have sex with young girls. Japan has always been a country where external appearances are important.Traditionally, social prestige has been held in material symbols (samurai’s swords and hairstyles, exclusive aristocratic colours), and nothing has changed.

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