Jack black gwyneth paltrow dating

Mauricio, worried about Hal's new taste in women, convinces Robbins to give him the trigger phrase to undo the hypnosis.

While on a date restaurant, Rosemary tells Hal she's been asked by the Peace Corps to go on a 14-month mission in Kiribati.

Hal does not realize he's been hypnotized and later meets Rosemary (Gwyneth Paltrow), daughter of the president of the company where he is employed.

Five days later, Steve informs Hal that Rosemary’s Peace Corps partner, Ralph, wants to be in a relationship with her again.

Hal Larson (Jack Black) is a nice guy, but he has one flaw: he is a superficial man whose fixation on the physical beauty of women gets in the way of seeing their inner beauty.

Hal and his equally shallow friend, Mauricio (Jason Alexander), spend their nights obnoxiously hitting on beautiful women at nightclubs and mostly they end up getting rejected.

Used to being overlooked due to her appearance, Rosemary initially interprets Hal's interest as mocking, but begins to realize his feelings for her are sincere.

After apologizing to him, they begin to date, which includes a bike ride with Walt (Rene Kirby).

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