Is andy cohen dating anyone

Cohen also briefly opened up about his relationship during an interview with Matt Lauer on Today last month, though again did not mention Dassuncao by name or share any personal details about his Ivy League-educated man.While promoting his latest book Cohen said that it was his relationship with his new boyfriend that made him want to 'put the pen down' during a writing session over Memorial Day and live more in the moment.For his vacation read this year Cohen selected The Nix, a novel by author Nathan Hill that has been popping up in numerous 'Best of 2016' lists over the past few weeks.The story spans across seven decades and tells the tale of a struggling writer and professor who is suddenly reunited with the mother who abandoned him as a child after she assaults an anti-immigrant presidential candidate.He was photographed on Thursday as he visited the beach with his 29-year-old boyfriend, Clifton Dassuncao.

The man behind the Real Housewives franchise has always been shockingly private when it comes to his love life and sexual escapades, though he has admitted to hooking up with Lance Bass and made it very clear on multiple occasions that he and Cooper have never dated or had sex., he confessed: ‘Yes, I am single again.’ Cohen had dubbed his boyfriend as a ‘Brazilian Andy Samberg’ because of his likeness to the actor.The pair revealed started dating back in April 2016, after Dassucano joined Cohen on Barry Diller’s 0million yacht Eos for two Caribbean vacations.Hill's bestselling novel has been received so rapturously that it is already being made into a limited series that will star Hollywood's greatest living actor in the role of the mother, Meryl Streep.Cohen, who has authored three bestselling memoirs himself, spent a good deal of time staring at his phone as well during the couple's beach day, lying in silence next to Dassuncao as he did the same.

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