Invalidating the cache

This is useful for de-duplicating expensive backlink update jobs.

Set to the default value of NULL when the page is created by Wiki Page::insert On().

A page name is broken into a namespace and a title.

The values range from 0 to 15 for the standard namespaces, and from 100 to 2147483647 for custom namespaces.

The real title shown in articles is just this title with underscores (_) converted to spaces ( ).

For example, a page titled "Talk: Foo Bar" would have "Foo_Bar" in this field.

The following shows the steps to run to help you delete pages and their children from the main pages in the page, revision and text tables.

In order to keep the authenticated state and track the users progress within the web application, applications provide users with a session identifier (session ID or token) that is assigned at session creation time, and is shared and exchanged by the user and the web application for the duration of the session (it is sent on every HTTP request). With the goal of implementing secure session IDs, the generation of identifiers (IDs or tokens) must meet the following properties: The name used by the session ID should not be extremely descriptive nor offer unnecessary details about the purpose and meaning of the ID. Therefore, the session ID name can disclose the technologies and programming languages used by the web application.

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