How to be a player dating

The players fasten the end of the string to the back so that the tail of the fish touches the floor. At the signal the players run for each other, trying to step on the tail of the fish of their rivals. The first player who is going to throw the plane stands on it.The players mustn't touch the strings and the fish with the hands. The player of the second team throws the plane from the place where it landed. The next player of the first team throws the plane in the opposite direction from the place where it landed.( Active.) Divide up into 2 teams (6 players in each one). ( Active.) Divide up into 2-3 teams (5 players in each one). If the coin is dropped, the player who dropped it must put it again on the back of his/her hand. Now I see number 1 tram (both numbers "1" must take place on the second chair) etc. The players pass the coin until the first player in the line gets it.When he calls you to get you to come to the door - text him that you lost your phone.

( Active.) Divide up into 2 teams (7 players in each one). At the distance of 4 steps from the first the player of each team there stands a chair. When the first player has all the twigs in the hands he/she runs to the chair, takes a string, binds the besom and gives it to the last player in the team. At the command the players of the teams run to the finish competing in speed. The first player in each team is given a plate with the balloon on it. Then the player must come back to the handbell and ring it.

On the seat of the chair there are 6 small twigs, on the back of it there is a string, near the chair there is a dustpan. The last player takes the besom, runs to the chair, takes a dustpan and gathers all the pieces of paper into the dustpan. The next player in each team begins to run when his/her partner has reached the finish. At the leader's signal the players begin to run between the skittles. ( Active.) Put a handbell on the chair or on the stump (if you are in the forest). The player who manages to ring the bell gets a point.

Behind the chairs the instructor throws little pieces of paper. The team which finishes "the tiding-up" the first wins the game. For each burst balloon the team gets a penal point. The player stands with his/her back to the handbell. This game may be played in teams as well as individually.

( Active.) One of the players is sitting on the chair.

At the leader's signal the player stands up, closes the eyes, makes 6 steps forwards, 2 steps to the right or to the left.

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