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I often ran without a shirt when the weather was warm enough; I had been doing so since being a member of my high school's cross-country team.

It wasn't an exhibitionist thing; it was just comfortable for me.

The woman ahead of me wore blue shorts and a white shirt. As I drew still closer to her, I saw her butt more closely. Her hips, though not wide, nonetheless contrasted with the narrowness of her waist. As she ran, the bottom hem of her shirt moved up and down, momentarily exposing glimpses of the skin of her back just over the waistband of her little shorts. We ran in a broad loop of about three miles, at the end of which we were back on the crest of the hill.

The shorts were quite short, with probably no more than a 3-inch inseam, and they fit her snugly, accentuating the length and leanness of her legs. Her blondish hair, gathered in a ponytail that poked out from the back of a white cap, flew and bobbed after her as she ran. "How about we stop talking about fashion and keep running," she said. The sun was getting low on the horizon, and it bathed the hill in a honeyed yellow hue. I drew close to mom and wrapped my left arm around her shoulder. Instead, she pushed her shoulders back and thrust one leg out and in front of her.

Mom, whose name was Inga, was tall and lean but shapely.

She had athletic legs, sculpted and lightly muscled.

I picked up my pace, estimating I would catch up to her in a few minutes if I kept doing so. I confess I had a mild fetish for women in running outfits.

The hills were interlaced with fire roads and dirt trails.My house was the one that my friends always wanted to come over to.I think the main reason was that they wanted to see my mom. She was only 21 when I was born, so, as moms went, she was young, and she kept her figure trim and firm by lifting weights and doing yoga at the gym, running several times a week, and playing tennis.I liked to run to the sound of hard, pulsing rock music.After about twenty minutes my body was covered in sweat. This was my favorite part of the run, the part where I was warmed up but not yet tired.

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