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Murray began to get some modeling work, appearing in ads for Tommy Hilfiger, Sketchers, and Gucci.

But it was a visit to a fast-food restaurant that accidentally gave him his shot at stardom.

By the time he began appearing in box office successes opposite Lindsay Lohan (1986–) and Hilary Duff (1987–), Murray had emerged as the new teen heartthrob for his boyish good looks and appealing screen portrayals of the sensitive loner-type.

On One Tree Hill, Murray had been cast as a teen from a struggling single-parent household, a situation that was not unlike the actor's own upbringing.

"I don't really have a relationship with her." That same year, in 1999, Murray graduated from Clarence High and used the money he had received as a graduation gift to fund his cross-country move.

She majored in Media Arts & Design with a concentration in journalism and minored in Spanish and Creative Writing.

"That's when I really fell in love with great acting," Murray recalled about the high-school job in an interview with Buffalo News writer, Toni Ruberto.

"I just wanted to do it and give it a shot." Murray also may have been eager to leave certain things behind.

" As much as we'd love a reunion, it's just not in the cards.

Like, I would love to do one of my Christmas Hallmark movies with Chad [Michael Murray].

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