Hardcore female chatbots

It’s similar to what Microsoft did many years ago with Windows.

The key to that success is getting others to build on top of your platform.

” Mary Jo Foley: “I don’t think there’s one that has the runaway lead.

I think a lot of people are underestimating Microsoft.

For me it’s just easier to go on a website to buy a plane ticket than to do a chat conversation.” Jay Greene: “I was at Microsoft’s Build conference and they showed off their conversation-as-a-service demo with an employee booking a hotel in Ireland because the chatbot realized the employee was having a conversation about it with her boss and it knew she was a frequent Westin user.

The whole process left me scratching my head.” Mary Jo Foley: “You need to pay attention to all three parts of the acronym.

It’s fun to work there again.’ It was fascinating.” Nick Wingfield: “Let’s talk about the bear case for Microsoft.

It might be valuable for other companies if they can generate some value from the data that people are providing through Twitter.” Nick Wingfield: “I don’t understand why someone would use bots, but maybe it’s a better question for someone on the millennial panel. Top tech journalists — Nick Wingfield of The New York Times; Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet; and Jay Greene of The Wall Street Journal — kicked off the 2016 Geek Wire Summit by laying out their unique insights into the state of the industry. And Microsoft might be underestimated in the AI industry.If you think about Io T devices in airplane engines to let folks know when they need to do maintenance, that makes total sense.That is where the money will be made, at least initially.” Jay Greene: “I can’t for it to happen for my Mom.

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