Hardcore female chatbots

They have some really deep roots in this space — not just Cortana but dating back to Microsoft Research and Bing. Even though I work at home by myself, I still feel awkward talking to my PC.

I’m optimistic to see what Microsoft does, though I am surprised they don’t have a play in the home equivalent to Amazon’s Alexa. But think about if you had Cortana accessible through Holo Lens or some type of augmented reality goggles.

You need to have the cloud bandwidth; you need to the things that are sending in the data; and you need to have the tools to process and harness all the data. Some vendors are more skewed toward one or the other.” Nick Wingfield: “I have a few of these things in my house, like a Nest smart thermostat.

But I’ve just turned the learning features off because it has a mind of its own and was doing things.

Amazon has done a really interesting job getting other companies to build on top of the Echo and create these apps.

I play ice hockey every Sunday night with a bunch of Microsoft guys and one of them just walked up to me last week and told me, ‘what I said to you six years ago, I take it back.For me it’s just easier to go on a website to buy a plane ticket than to do a chat conversation.” Jay Greene: “I was at Microsoft’s Build conference and they showed off their conversation-as-a-service demo with an employee booking a hotel in Ireland because the chatbot realized the employee was having a conversation about it with her boss and it knew she was a frequent Westin user.The whole process left me scratching my head.” Mary Jo Foley: “You need to pay attention to all three parts of the acronym.It would be very difficult to see that inside the Disney family.” Jay Greene: “The value of Twitter is the data it generates, and that’s why Salesforce might be interested.It might be valuable for other companies if they can generate some value from the data that people are providing through Twitter.” Nick Wingfield: “I don’t understand why someone would use bots, but maybe it’s a better question for someone on the millennial panel.

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