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If you are looking for a free gay video chat your search is over!Our gay random chat alternative is a free and fun way to connect with thousands of like minded men looking for fun using their webcam. New guild looking for members all levels and classes whisper me [1. General - Barrens] [Player 1] where is stolen silver!!! General - Barrens] [Player 8] where do I learn shadowbolt?!?! Barrens chat can be avoided by simply /leaving the general channel.

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Then you will be connected in seconds to a random guy that you can webcam chat with.There's always the wait in the queue for DPS classes, and the grind from 10 to 15 for those characters without high-level friends to run them through low-level instances, but the occurrences of Barrens chat are much rarer than before. General - Barrens] [Player 1] Anyone here like metalica? General - Barrens] [Player 2] Metallica sucks and ur a noob! General - Barrens] [Player 3] all metal bands suck, u guys are both ghey. General - Barrens] [Player 2] %#[email protected] u, u just listen to rap crap and think ur so cool [1. General - Barrens] [Player 4] I bet your mom is a loser [1. The Barrens is a large and desolate area, branching into other leveling areas such as Ashenvale, Stonetalon Mountains, Thousand Needles, and back to Durotar towards Orgrimmar.General - Barrens] [Player 6] guys where is mankriks wife? General - Barrens] [Player 5] Can you guys just shut up an play, plz? As a result, it becomes a massive focal point for characters from as low as level 10 up to level 30.In such cases, however, the name "Barrens chat" is replaced with a title appropriate to the specific zone. "Many experienced players level their alternate characters in this zone and frequently make up stuff in general chat to drive the lower level characters into your classic "Barrens chat" nonsense it only takes a little bit to get them going." — Zodd, Thunderlord While it is usually restricted to tauren character names, Barrens chat sometimes sees an explosion of 'cow' puns and jokes, which often involve plays on various beef- and butcher-related professions and udders.

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