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There's always the wait in the queue for DPS classes, and the grind from 10 to 15 for those characters without high-level friends to run them through low-level instances, but the occurrences of Barrens chat are much rarer than before. General - Barrens] [Player 1] Anyone here like metalica? General - Barrens] [Player 2] Metallica sucks and ur a noob! General - Barrens] [Player 3] all metal bands suck, u guys are both ghey. General - Barrens] [Player 2] %#[email protected] u, u just listen to rap crap and think ur so cool [1. General - Barrens] [Player 4] I bet your mom is a loser [1. The Barrens is a large and desolate area, branching into other leveling areas such as Ashenvale, Stonetalon Mountains, Thousand Needles, and back to Durotar towards Orgrimmar.General - Barrens] [Player 6] guys where is mankriks wife? General - Barrens] [Player 5] Can you guys just shut up an play, plz? As a result, it becomes a massive focal point for characters from as low as level 10 up to level 30.

The Trade channel can be overcome by "Barrens chat": [2. General - Barrens] [Player 5] sftu player 6, shes in my bedroom And so on.The boredom that results in the long runs to questing areas and hand-ins contributes to the Barrens chat phenomenon.With the release of the Burning Crusade, blood elves have a chat area that is much like the Barrens, called the Ghostlands (blood-elf starting area for levels 10 - 20). The topics are a bit more quest-related, but still bring out the Barrens nostalgia.

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