Free sex dating sites without using money or using a credit card for mobile phone

Sites like the ones below offer these account free and they are anonymous.

I’m guessing a lot of Ashley Madison users wish they had used one of these right about now.

But next time the attack will be on a completely different service with different users and for different reasons. I have an account on, and I got notice from Forbes in February of last year that their site had been hacked and email addresses and hashed passwords had been downloaded. Well, turns out an organization called the Syrian Electronic Army took exception to articles about Syria and decided to get some payback. Zappos and Living Social have been victims of hacks in the past few years. Never sign up for anything not business-related with your business email account. Even more true if you work in government, in education, in media, or in any high profile position.

You can take the calls online or forward to your mobile phone.Don’t buy a prepaid card (the key difference is that even a prepaid credit card needs to be registered online with real information). Get a prepaid fixed dollar value gift card with an amount that covers the first month or two of the subscription you want to buy.Then, register this card online using the instructions on the back of the Visa gift card’s package.But if you’re signing up for a dating site or an adult site or a gambling site, forget about using a card from your wallet.I know some of you might be asking, “But what about when I really do want to sign up for the premium features at Ashley Madison or Seeking Arrangement or whatever my fetish site might be? Go to the supermarket or drug store and buy a prepaid Visa gift card.

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