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“Shut your mouth,” her fingers raised my lower jaw to meet my upper jaw, “and kiss me please.”She lifted her head towards mine and I lowered mine to meet hers. Her eyes were closed as she savoured me and I closed mine to maximise the touch.I then felt her arms around my neck, trying to pull our mouths even closer together.She started undoing them from the top as I looked down between her arms at her nipples which were fully erect and probably a centimetre long. She then raised her hands to my belt carefully undoing it followed by the button and zip.

”She took half a step nearer.“Now,” she said as she raised her right hand. She tasted divine as our tongues fought, first in my mouth and then in hers as I became bolder.

With the last button undone Helene put her hands under the shirt, sliding them up my chest until the shirt was pushed off my shoulders. Without being asked I raised each foot in turn as she removed my trousers before folding them and placing them on the floor with my shoes.

I was left in just my boxers which had a large bulge at the front. That's a nice package, Phil.”“Thank you.”“So just one more thing to remove then? Feel free to remove them whenever you like,” I replied.“I'd like to do it now,” she said with a sparkle in her eye.

The lighting was subdued and there was some sort of incense burning but I didn't notice much else about the room.

Reaching the bed Helene turned and sat down.“You have me at a disadvantage, Phil.

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