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With strangers, you do not have to worry about being judged or feeling ashamed because you are anonymous so nobody knows who you are.Just the fact that they cannot see you can make you more comfortable to talk about difficult subjects. A study of 320 individuals was done to determine if people were honest when chatting online.These people can lead you to despair and depression if you pay too much attention to what they say.They may advise you to go off your meds or stop seeing your psychiatrist or therapist. They threaten your mental health and may even put your physical wellbeing in jeopardy.

For example, if the site is written with typos and bad grammar, you should be suspicious.Advantages of Individual Therapy While chatting online with strangers can often be helpful, a better option for people who have serious questions or mental health issues is to speak to a trained professional counselor.Your counselor brings their education and experience to the table.Also, you may feel freer to talk openly with people you do not know because they are not biased.In fact, it is actually recommended by some mental health professionals because talking to someone online about serious matters is much more comfortable for many people than talking to someone in person.

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