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The University has zero tolerance for violence against members of the University community.

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This speeds up the process of them reporting information to the police when they call. Assistance with eligibility determination allowing uninsured women over age forty to obtain breast and cervical cancer screening.

To be a recognized Block Watch these groups must have at least one yearly meeting. Wood County Health and Wellness Center Adult Clinic is one site where services may be obtained.

This program is curriculum based and taught at Bowling Green High School. Medicaid eligibility conferred on women diagnosed through this program.

Sincerely, The Wood County Prevention Coalition Officers Kyle Clark, Program Director, Wood County Prevention Coalition Milan Karna, Program Coordinator, Wood County Prevention Coalition Chief Tony Hetrick, Coalition President, Bowling Green Police Division Francesca Leass, Coalition Vice-President, Children’s Resource Center Jennifer Campos, Coalition Secretary, Wood County Health District Behavioral Connections Double ARC / NOFAS Ohio Ohio State University Extension Wood County Path Stone Prevention Partners Promedica St. Double ARC offers educational consultation, coaching and support groups for parents as well as trainings/workshops on FASD for school professionals, service providers, medical and allied professionals, and the justice system. - PIPP – Year round program making utility bill payments a set amount each month (based on household income) for regulated utility companies.

Luke’s Hospital Wood County Prosecuting Attorney's Office C. They provide expertise at IEP and other school meetings as well as wraparound meetings, court hearings and social security hearings (face-to-face or by phone) on behalf of individuals with FASD.- PASA Teen Board – High School Educators Program open to any high school student in Perrysburg - “Parents Who Host, Lose the Most Don’t Be a Party to Underage Drinking” (Perrysburg) - Red Ribbon Campaign (Perrysburg) - Seller/Server Trainings for alcohol permit holders in Northern Wood County - Coordinate Northern Wood County Task Force to reduce underage alcohol accessibility - Coordinate Northern Wood County alcohol compliance checks - Availability of ID Scanners for open-air festivals or short term alcohol permit holders - Coalition Process​- Insight - Beginning Alcohol Basic Education Series (B. - EHEAP – Winter Crisis Program available November 1 through March 31.

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