Email widget not updating

You can share Outlook calendar and contacts from your computer with Android, Windows Phone, i Phones, and other mobile devices in several ways.

Here’s what may be happening that Outlook calendar won’t sync to your phone.

The only time i get the weather to update is to uninstall and reinstall the application.

Also when i open up the app it doesn't refresh like it should.

Then, the process starts all over again with not updating showing only the information from the last time I deleted/added the widget. Same issue here as described above - widget not updating, even after the update yesterday.I really like the look and feel of the the app, but it's not much use to me personally while the widget isn't updating.I have the same problem, my outside air temp still reads 62deg when it is 85deg out.It shows that it was last updated recently (10min ago) but the temp does not update in either the status bar, actual app or the widget.

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