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Use an Ehrlich's kit to get a better idea of what you're taking and start with a low dose.

My first trip was with LSD and I'm sure I would have been at least a little put off if I had to deal with the discomfort of an LSA come up my first time. Yes they are both psychedelics and yes the chemicals are similar, but the experiences are in my opinion not so similar and having experience with one of them doesn't teach you that much about the other.

They are thinking either 1mg if they can find good quality stuff, or a 10 strip. Will LSD-25 have any reaction to the 10mg daily Prozac they are on? If your going to do this do 1 tab one week 2 the second 3 the third and finish off the rest on the fourth week.. The most i've ever done is 3 blotter papers and i was tripping for 12 hours and i was experienced with 5-meo-dmt. thats just asking for trouble especially at 10 tabs.. Try other psy's first like Lsa or even dissociates like mxe to help prepare yourself for a 12 hour ride through a unknown world. For very experienced trippers high doses like this may be considered to add something special but for the unexperienced it is only very likely to produce an experience you can't keep up with at all, it is likely to be very hard to process.

With no psychedelic experience you have absolutely no idea what you'd be getting yourself in to.

Forget what you think you know about that, except that other sites have the opposite policy because they are apparently paranoid and ignorant?

safe journeys and be sure to ask away My airways closed and I apparently went into anaphylactic shock, I really don't remember anything except for waking up in the hospital.

What allergic reaction to mushrooms did you have, I'm curious?

As for the dosage recommended with morning glories, we have a central MGS seeds thread here: And there is an erowid page here: Do some solid reading on whatever you plan embarking on (including forum threads, trip reports and info vaults where things like dosage and duration and stuff like that are listed), and in general use the Psychedelic Index for a menu/list of centralized topics in the psychedelics forum.

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