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Forget what you think you know about that, except that other sites have the opposite policy because they are apparently paranoid and ignorant?

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Swim has been extremely interested in psychedelics for the past few years, not for fun, for the experience, they want to "break through". Instead of doing LSD-25 multiple times, they would like to experience one very large dose. Prozac will make it less powerful and somewhat depressed. make sure you are getting legitimate lsd, invest in an ehrlich reagent 4. It may be lsd this time and the next time but eventually you will be sold something bad, its just a matter of time. Furthermore why think that you will only trip once and want to make it count?Alright, so I'm going to do some LSA extracted from morning glory seeds first, not sure on dosage yet.And I will take your advice about the acid, build some knowledge and experience with psychedelics first. (I can't do shrooms, when I did I had an allergic reaction) I'd suggest LSD over LSA for a first psychedelic trip.I've heard all of those reported with SSRI's and it simply seems unpredictable and impossible to tell.Which is even more reason to take it easy if you don't want to run serious risks.

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