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While this step may seem basic, the tokenization must be accurate for the rest of the analysis to be relevant.Indeed, since tokenization is the first step of NLP, errors made here will propagate and cause problems of interpretation later.Here is my favorite example I have received recently, after I followed someone on Twitter: The sender of this Twitter DM took the time to write out a lovely message to me, her new best digital friend, but they accidentally ended the message with a misspelled valediction (“Have a great dau!! The underlying person who the Twitter account is attached to is a real person, but I was sent his marionette to communicate with.

Sure enough, the exact same string of sentences, including “Have a great dau!! The sender must have thought that he is some type of evil genius by programming an error to appear more human.

Finally, we’ll wrap this up with a quick exchange with Brett Scott who wrote about alternative currencies, the sharing economy and chatbots.

i Capps gives a pretty clear and straightforward definition of NLP .

Relationships are built on reciprocity of time and emotional energy, so to communicate through automation while hoping that the recipient views it as an authentic investment of time and energy is not the ultimate life hack—it is the ultimate hack job.

Professional platforms such as Linked In and Twitter are also chock full of botified people sending their marionettes to do the dirty work of communication and building relationships.

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