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But what if you’re not sure and want proof before confronting?I asked Tony De Lorenzo, spokesman for All State Investigations, Inc.Your honey starts to take extra care in his or her appearance — buying new clothes, working out, new haircut.They start meticulously deleting sent messages and keep their inbox pristine.The stealth involved in these relationships is sometimes worthy of “Alias,” in that double lives might not exist so handily were it not for the ways to communicate without ever touching. More than likely, it’s telling you something is off.There are tons of tips on the signs of straying, but some are universal.

Conversely, those who want to stray outside of marriages and committed relationships have more tools at their disposal than ever before.

It’s the cachet of consumerism, as well as the social network process.” My Space, Facebook and other social networks, he said, are all fertile ground for temptation.

Ex-girlfriends, boyfriends, what-ifs, could-have-been’s, loves-of-your-life: they’re all just a click away.

Priscilla’s options to spy on him would have been limited.

A PI would probably have not been out of the question. Spouses have discovered that snooping isn’t just for Homeland Security, it’s something they can pick up without ever having to leave home.

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