Desktop dating malware

Potentially unwanted programs are designed only to generate revenue for the developers.

By offering various "useful features", they attempt to give the impression of legitimacy, however, rather than giving any real value for regular users, PUPs pose a direct threat to their privacy and Internet browsing safety.

A version of "Microsoft Defender" also detected suspicious activity on Windows System Security.

Therefore, users should immediately contact Microsoft Help Desk via toll-free telephone number ("001-855-433-1666") provided.

Developers hide "bundled" programs within the "Custom/Advanced" settings or other sections of the download/installation processes - they do not disclose this information properly.

Clicking various advertisements and rush download/installation processes thus often leads to inadvertent installation of PUPs.

As mentioned above, "Your TCP Connection Was Blocked" shares many similarities with dozens of other fake errors.

All claim that the system is damaged (e.g., missing files, infected, etc.), however, these errors are designed only to extort money from unsuspecting users.

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Therefore, displayed ads are likely to conceal visited website content, significantly diminishing the Internet browsing experience.These programs misuse system resources without users' consent, thereby significantly diminishing overall computer performance.In addition, potentially unwanted programs deliver various intrusive online advertisements.Furthermore, note that criminals invest a great deal of resources into intrusive ad design and, for this reason, most look legitimate.These ads redirect to various dubious websites (pornography, adult dating, gambling, etc.) If you encounter such ads, immediately eliminate all dubious programs/browser plug-ins. Text presented in "Your TCP Connection Was Blocked" pop-up: Microsoft System Security Alert Oops !!

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