Definition of accommodating female

The term "accommodating means" is the generic term therefor.3.Particular means on an exterior surface of the load unit (usually, of the load bearer type) itself; particularly provided, that is, to contact and thereby to cooperate with a corresponding construction of the freight carrier to achieve the accommodation of the load unit thereon;4.Freight accommodating methods, namely (a) associating a load unit present on the freight carrier with the appropriate accommodating means or (b) arranging (e.g., grouping) a load unit on the freight carrier. Cautionary note: A step of loading onto or of unloading a load unit from a freight carrier places the combination beyond the limits of this class; for which greater combination see the material or article handling class. Present the critical element of load unit accommodation as herein defined, placement in the class is on a predominant disclosure basis.An invention will be found herein when the subject matter of the invention, regardless of breadth is disclosed as:3.However, as to the state of the art test, a presumption of load unit accommodation on a freight carrier not negated in the disclosure will serve for inclusion of the document in this class (410).

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This is so because the state of the art recognition of the equivalency in the art of the shipping support load bearer, whether or not provided with such cooperating means, has become so integrated at the time of the inception of this class (410) that the search for both has been quite merged. Cautionary note: A shipping support lacking the accommodating means and supporting a group of articles on a freight carrier has not been classified in this class (410) but will be found elsewhere.

A freight container absent the accommodating structure cooperating between the container and the freight carrier will also be found elsewhere. A term which is defined in this class (410) definition, and is limited to a single word, is identified by an asterisk.

An arrangement of an article of freight or the grouping of articles in such a way or to assure the integrity of the load against untoward shifting on board the freight carrier.

Accommodating means may, but need not necessarily be required nor used to effect the arrangement; or5.

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