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Other aspects of cocky/funny include: The “I’m messing with you,” vibe. Add these tools to your toolbox, and you’ll find yourself generating more and more attraction.

The whole concept of teasing is connected to cocky/funny.

If she asks you what you do, you come up with the most absurd thing that you can think of, and deliver it with a straight face. Often a woman will challenge you after you say something cocky and funny, to see if you’ll pull back, say you were just kidding, or make some other display of weakness.

If she seems shocked, don’t apologize, rather, just look her evenly in the eyes and say, “Yeah, I said it.” And smile. For example, if she’s hitting you, being fake-mad the way women tend to do when you’ve done cocky/funny material, just call her on it. Look at you, hitting me like you’re a 3rd grader.” Any time she’s engaging in behavior which suggests she’s into you, point it out and tease her about it.

Many guys who experiment with c/f material struggle because they alternate.

If you’re just being funny, you’re being a clown – and women may like clowns, but they don’t sleep with them. Signs of effective cocky/funny material are a woman hitting you while laughing, or smiling while saying, “I can’t believe you just said that!

” Good examples of cocky-funny lines are: “I realize you’re probably shy because you get no attention from men whatsoever, so I decided to come over and pay attention to you.” Or, if she says something clever, say, “Congratulations, that’s 5 points right there – and you needed them since you were at -16 before.” But more than a series of lines, cocky/funny is an attitude – it’s an attitude that says you don’t take anything she says or does too seriously.

Nevertheless, cocky/funny is an incredibly powerful tool used to generate large amounts of attraction with women.Then several guys go through some of their routine that frankly I found to beneath my level of game (and folks, I ain't that good), and that's pretty much it.The coup de grâce was a disabled midget in a wheelchair discussing his success with women using David's methods, I was not sure if I wanted to laugh or feel sorry for the exploitation taking place.Bought this one after the double your dating ebook because one my problems was, I was a bit boring in conversations.At least I asked a girlfriend of mine for her honest feedback and that's what she said, and I think she was right. I've practiced this style of banter and integrated it into my own Mystery Method style, because I never was comfortable doing negs etc, so I replace it with Cocky & Funny, with good results.

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