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but never actually answered the guy's question directly. It's easy to say "Have more confidence" (without telling a guy HOW) or to "not say this" (without telling him WHAT to say INSTEAD), but what about actual ADVICE? She was blah blah blah etc etc etc." the girl will likely just respond with "Cool" or "Haha that's funny." Then, your conversation is over until you think of something ELSE to say. " (You could've used that lame ass line WITHOUT the 'twin' thing.) PUA's can give great advice. I support Love Systems, and I like good material, regardless of the PUA (or company) it comes from.

I figured that would be found in the article that was linked in the newsletter. But not all of their shit will work for you, especially if they don't tell you HOW to USE it. But it doesn't mean I can't speak on techniques that aren't very good. If you say you agree with every line every PUA has ever said, you're a liar. In fact, I'm happy to learn more if someone can provide good reasons for disagreeing with the points I made in my article, or answer any of the questions I posed. I have seen many of those fully explored by the better (IMO) posters on this board.

So, he asked Capital for a text that would have a better chance of getting a response.

Capital tore the line apart, telling him not to try so hard, have more confidence, etc.

It doesn't mean other PUA's aren't guilty of giving the same canned advice for specific situations though.

Why you can't see that these are valid questions to ask is beyond me. Qualification and comfort is something you should save for when you see her in person.

Again, what happens if the guy ISN'T going out with friends?What if he just wants to meet up with the girl one on one? You meet the girl up, move a few places, then fuck her. people know in the first few minutes if they click or not. I'll then describe horrible coffee dates with bad logistics I've experienced.I'll tell her the ideal situations for me for two people to connect. People need to connect, because once they've slept with each other, that's when shit gets real and they drop the charades and they start finding out their real values and ethics and opening up to one another. You're defending canned advice while calling my points superficial? On numerous occasions, I've seen the "Just tell her she should join you and your friends at X place" advice, as if that's gonna solve the guy's problem trying to get a girl out.But the PUA's haven't, as evidenced by the example I gave after reading an article by Jason Capital.He just happened to be the one I mentioned by name.

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