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c) adding s to both elements, if the noun begins with man-/woman-: men-servants, women-doctors, gentlemen-farmers. d) adding s to the last component when there is no noun-stem: forget-me-nots, merry-go-rounds, grown-ups. Seven nouns form their plural by changing the root vowel: man men, woman women, foot feet, tooth teeth, goose geese, mouse mice, louse lice.

We’ve also got a whole host of conversation starters so that you can keep the vibe flowing effortlessly throughout your date.

Two nouns form their plural by adding en: child children, ox oxen. In some nouns the plural is identical with the singular form: deer, sheep, swine, fish, grouse.

b) arms, contents, goods, greens, holidays, manners, outskirts, quarters, surroundings, thanks, wages, whereabouts, etc.

A weekend getaway usually means driving to a relatively close destination, but don’t discount the possibility of landing a cheap cruise or other budget travel opportunities. Central Texas is blessed with fantastic weather, rolling plains, mountains, and cities to explore.

Depending on your own personal preferences, romantic getaways are limited only by your imagination.

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