Dating someone with pcos

The biggest thing I need from you is your love and support.

There are times when living with PCOS is going to make me angry, depressed and feel unattractive. I’m going to do everything I know to do to eat properly and exercise.

Having PCOS is not easy but with you by my side, it makes it a little more manageable!

Tarryn is a PCOS Health Coach and founder of PCOS Diet Support.

PCOS is not a death sentence and I’ve made a decision that although I have PCOS, it doesn’t have me.

There are things that I can do to manage my PCOS and help with my symptoms.

This one is for your partner, family and significant other.

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I can get help from my doctor or endocrinologist (hormone doctor) and there are medications I can take.

Please help me by eating healthy too and being active with me.

Let’s go for lots of long walks, take up mountain biking or ballroom dancing.

I’ve written this article with him in mind (even though he knows most of it anyway). I know that you think of it as “woman issues” but it’s important that you know what is happening with me and my body because it affects both of us and I’m really going to need your help in coming to terms with it, living with it and getting it under control. Basically I don’t ovulate every month, which means that my cycle is very irregular. The biggest thing, though, is that I don’t process carbohydrates properly and my body is over sensitive to insulin.

This means that I produce too much insulin for the carbs that I eat.

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