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Along with this is one of the best, most underrated guitar solos of the 1970s.The long version of this song should be amongst the top ten or twenty rock songs ever recorded.Their third album "Round Trip" was really quite good. Their second album tanked after the single "Baby Talks Dirty" flopped; it sounded too much like a watered-down My Sharona.The Knack appeared in the new TV series called "Hot me baby one more time" and actually had the best live performance but lost out to Vanilla Ice because of the young audience.

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I always thought it was his girlfriend, but the goss Down Under sways towards this line of thinking...anyone else heard of this ludacrist rumour?In Australia way back a long haired fellow sang this song and I have been trying to find out his name for ages he sang it on a programme on Saturday mornings.Ive asked my kids but they can only come up with The Knack can you help ?Rick Springfield wasn't thrilled with the choice but wanted to do anything that made his album better.On May 23rd 1981, Rick Springfield performed "Jessie's Girl" on the ABC-TV program 'American Bandstand'...

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